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Realms of the World

The world of Armor and Arcana is made up of multiple interconnected realms. as the universe was created out of the inky void, a small bastion of order and creation. the realms can be seen in the skies of each other. Looming as planets do in the skies of other universes, Outside of creation their may be other pockets of life but to the inhabitants of Gahiri they are alone in the darkness.  

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The Mortal Realm where all mortal creatures hail from such as Humans, Elves, Orcs, Etc. This is a land currently in its 2nd Age in the Year 972 of that age. It was created multiple millennia ago by a long forgotten creator who has since left for reasons unknown, leaving only the current Gods as caretakers in their absence any records as to why or who they may have been have long since been lost with the previous civilization who used to inhabit Gahiri, As with the original God this civilization has left only many ruins dotted all around Gahiri from Towering stone cities to Arcane machines that no longer function, who they were and where they went remains a mystery as not even the eldest dragons or vampires remember them only their ruins. Though one thing is certain, their mastery of Arcane power was unmatched, from the ships and Pillars that still lay wrecked and overgrown that much can be learned. Gahiri is a orb world lush with life and water, pleasant weather and four seasons. It sits in a bubble of creation with a constructed magic Sun floating miles above the surface of the soil created by the Sun God in order to keep back the creeping void. Just beyond its bubble is the Void. a writhing mass of darkness and unbound energy that manifests into ravenous dark creatures.. The black of the Night Sky is in fact millions of Clambering Void creatures pressed against the firmament trying to destroy this bubble of creation kept at bay only by the light of dawn and the other Gods combined Will.      



A large burning ring of obsidian and iron larger than the surface of Gahiri near the outermost firmaments of creation used originally as a prison for the Immortal Fiend kind. Trapped there after they began to worship a dark void god and attempted to call upon them to break the firmament and grant them a kingdom under the new gods. The Inferna ring was constructed by the Earth and Sky Gods after this plot was foiled by Scholar adventures to house the Fiend Kind far from Gahiri and the first in the path of destruction should a similar plan be successful. Now it has become a wasteland of war and violence separate from the mortal realm where only the insane wish to tread.



The closest ring in the night sky, encompassing the entirety of Gahiri with a faint silver glow wherever the Sun God is unseen, Mythra is the realm of the dutiful and heroic. Any who follow the gods or protect the realm of creation throughout their life have a chance to be spared death and be ascended to live eternal on Mythra. A ring of silver stone and lush gardens Mythra is a haven for the faithful and a bastion should the firmament be breached on mass, the greatest warriors, scholars, wizards and more dwell here knowing one day in exchange for their immortality they must stand against the void to defend the still mortal. There are five zones of Mythra, one for each of the Gods who created it. The zone of the Sun is a fortress of interconnected castles and bastions, Wrapping around the ring like moss on a rock. The zone of the Earth is a well kept and vast garden of all edible plants and flowers, meant as a place of meditation for any who need to recenter. The zone of Death is a vast silver expanse where a single large catacomb and library sit. Within the catacombs are all the immortals who have ever fallen in battle and within the library sits a record of every life lived. The zone of Sky is Filled with floating islands and song, upon each brilliant island hold is a great hero resting after their long life in the high serenity of the sky domain. The zone of the Sea god holds a sea so vast the far horizon seems to bend upwards with the curve of the ring, So deep as to be darker than the void at its depths. Within is every great sea creature that has ever lived. If legend has been made of it then the Sea god made sure it lived eternal in their grand domain. 

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The creeping darkness between all realms, having existed before all creation and made up of chaotic creatures known as Void Beasts. They make up every inch of the void clambering over and around each other, merging and reshaping constantly as they have no set form, size or shape within the void. Ever changing, ever destructive they are one with the realm they make up. Though they are usually kept at bay by the firmaments of the other realms there are times that a single Void beast will slip through, drawn by the bright painful light of creation seeking to destroy it and return all to the Void. Once within a realm they will take a definitive form of the same rough size and shape of the first creature they see upon entering the realm but always with a slick oily black coating to their appearance. The first moments within a realm the void beast is mindless and only acts on primal fury, destroying all in its path. But the longer it remains the smarter it becomes, the more creative and eventually it is able to bring forth more of its kind or even manipulate creatures of the realm it is invading into new abominations to serve its goal of destroying all realms but the void. The Void is the beginning of nothing and the end of all.

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