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“Legends tell of individuals all over the world from every continent and every kingdom who fight like hell itself, whose screams move mountains and whose skill clear fields of men. These legends talk of the Berserkr. Scholars do not know by what power these folk derive their ability to enhance their strength and fortitude beyond that of mortals for a short duration. These individuals have found a way either through sheer will, substances, spiritual power or raw rage to enter a state of being known as RUSH. In this state they grow stronger, faster, and tougher. Many were formidable warriors before, some only became so after unlocking Rush for the first time but one thing is a constant; they are all a force to be reckoned with when they begin.”



“Some say violence isn't the answer, Brawlers say violence is a question and the answer is yes. Masters of delivering damage with whatever they can find at the time is an art form many do not possess but which Brawlers excel at, be it with bare hands, a barstool, a spoon, or that rock they found. A weapon is a weapon in the hands of a Brawler. In fact legends say Brawlers fight better the more bizarre the weapon they are trying to use. Masters of the improvisational attack plan, these fighters scoff at a Warrior's need for a sword.”



“Stealth, backstabbing and the shadows are the traits and hallmarks of a good and faithful Brigand. If you have ever seen a Brigand then you have never been on the wrong side of one's blade. They are not the type to charge you head on, that is a fool's gambit. Instead they are masters of the flanking maneuver and the stealthy arrow to the heart. A whisper before you meet the great beyond.”



“It is an Art form to track and hunt a beast to the end. Hunters are the greatest practitioners of this art. Whether that beast be a Deer, a Dragon or a Man you can find a Hunter who has tracked it and many more who have killed it. They can be found anywhere their prey of choice is and will likely be on the job. Some hunt for money, some for the thrill and some for the sake of it. Whatever the reason, pray you are not what they consider worth hunting.”



“Some have power over Mana in ways that are considered unorthodox or even unnatural by most people. These people are broadly referred to as Mystics, those who contort Mana using Spirits or make deals with foul entities for great power. Even those who are naturally adept with Mana but simply have a unique and unsettling way of practicing can be labeled a Mystic. Mystic may be a taboo word spoken in hushed tones but you'd be brave or foolish to say it to a Mystic’s face. While many are good people simply misjudged for their power, you never really know why people seek out magic or what they may do to keep gaining more.”



“Some use magic and Mana through focus and training, others through their connection to the world and spirits that dwell within it. But a Poet uses their creativity and imagination to bend the world around them to that vision, By writing a poem and performing it they can breath the words to life and reshape the land, singing a song can conjure images out of thin air and writing a story can create life itself if the Poet is strong enough. Less guided magic and more raw creative force, a Poet is the essence of natural magic.”



“Mortals live upon this world as guests to the Gods. This world is theirs to command and protect, but they tend to be busy mending the cracks of the universe. So they leave the smaller tending of the world to their acolytes, their Scholars. While not many would call themselves the voice of their God, all of them command the power of their God's Domain and that power is without mercy, without temperance, and without judgment. Should you be a threat to a scholar, pray that mercy is a core tenant of their belief.”



“Training for years and years, hours a day, to strike true and clean is no easy thing. But a Warrior does not shy away from this task. They make up the backbone of every army, mercenary guild, and city guard. They are the heart blood of war and defense. Legends say that the strongest Warriors are so skilled, they are untouchable in combat and can face the strongest beasts without a scratch. As the strength of the Warrior is not their ability to deal Damage but to outlast their opponent.”



“Mana Flows through the air like water does a river, it is stored in the land like glaciers in ice caps. Most cannot see it. Cannot feel it, but certain folks can not only feel it they are called to it like a moth to a flame. Driven by a calling to know more, learn further and behold the secrets held by only the shapers of the world. Study and practice is the only way to unlock this power, rigorous study and tests are how these studious people drive power and knowledge, but oh what power it beholds.”

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